Department of Microwave and Quantum Radio Engineering (SVChiKR)

Degree Programs and Majors

Program 210700 Information and Communication Technology and Communication Systems

The Department offers a degree program in 210700 Information and Communication Technology and Communication Systems, major in Optical Systems and Communication Networks. Program duration: 4 years.

Program 210401 Physics and Technology of Optical Communications

Communication systems of the next century will be based on the three fundamental technologies:

Students of this major learn these fundamental technologies and gain knowledge in development and operation of telecommunication systems using signal transmission via optical cables.

Specialization: high-speed local networks and cable TV, optoelectronic digital telecommunication systems.

Program 210302 Radio Engineering

Modern ratio engineering requires knowledge of electronic, radioelectronic, optoelectronic, computer and information technologies used in global and corporate networks, in radiolocation, digital telecommunications, paging, cellular and satellite communication, e-mail, audio and video telephony, IPTV, etc. Radioelectronics includes much more than just transistors and ICs, also incorporating microprocessors, microcomputers and software, therefore becoming a complex hardware and software radio-electronic system.

Students of the Radio Engineering program receive fundamental training in hardware component and circuit design for analog and digital radio devices and systems, in programming languages, computing, microwave and laser devices, radioelectronics, informatics, radio informatics, information security in computer and engineering systems.

Specialization: very high-speed radio-optoelectronic processor complexes.